Go Bannor

Don't Procrastinate! Try to get these housekeeping items done as soon as possible. If there are a lot of unfinished items here, it will make your account look sloppy and half-hearted.

Step By Step:

These instruction are for a computer. Phone are similar, but a things are more vertically oriented on a phone.  

From the main menu, select "User" and then "My Profile"

Your profile page will show up under the "GO" banner. It will be a gray Canvas with a black silhouette of a person in the lower left corner.  You should see your username beside the silhouette.

It is always nice to personalize your Canvas and Photo. To do this or to make other changes to your profile, you'll need to click on the "Edit" button above and the gray Canvas, on the left. And then select "Update Your Profile"

Click on the "Canvas" tab below the "Edit Your Profile" heading. There is a Canvas Image drop-down box, you can upload a new image, or select from the gallery. Canvases are log and short, so it can be more challenging to upload something that will look good. Selecting from the gallery is relatively simple. 

Click on "Portrait" to change the photo. It works the same way, only this time, your best bet is to upload a picture of you, your family, or something special to you.

Click on "Contact Info" to finish filling in your personal information. The list of fields below are related to Contact Info. 

These fields are for your personal information. Whatever you already supplied during registration will be populated. You will want to fill in the rest now. This information is useful to other members, especially when doing filtered searches. So the more you put in here, the easier it will be for others to find you. 

To add more info, or to make changes, you'll need to click on the "Edit" button above and the gray Canvas, on the left. And then select "Update Your Profile"

Enter your address. Street and street number will not show up on your profile. This information is only for the Connect Port Staff.

City and State will show up on your profile. 

Indicate your country so people can search by county.

Cell Phone and Phone (other): This is also a private field. It is only available to Connect Port staff, in case we need to contact you. Only put cell phone numbers in the cell phone field so we can use this if we need to text you.

Click on "About." In the About box, introduce yourself to those who visit your profile page. Tell about who you are, what you do, your family, how you are connected to medical missionary work.

If you are part of a medical missionary related ministry, you can indicate it's name and type here. Click the green "Add Row" button to add up to four ministries you're part of. Try to list them in order of relevance. You can add a website and email address of each ministry. The ministry fields only apply to individuals. Organizations provide this kind of info when the first register.  

You can say what church you go to, your academy and college.

Click on "Abilites."  Here are some fields that help people know what you are good at. You can select as many as apply. These only apply to Individuals.

Click on "Member" and you can select the region you best identify with. This helps with searches. 

Some fields show up on your profile, but you can't get to it to make changes. These fields are filled in by Connect Port Staff. They have to do mainly with your membership status.

This is a good time to make "connections" with other members, to check out groups, add stuff like articles and blogs to your profile area, and to get involved with the forums.

The more you use Connect Port the better for the whole community!